Understanding the Diagnostics Reports

Thursday, 01 March 2018 Jon Boella

This month our article is about the obligatory diagnostic tests that a seller has to provide to the purchaser before he can proceed with the sale of his property

It has implications for buyer and seller so a little insight we hope will be of use.

So what are the diagnostics?

Basically they are a set of reports; each report will highlight any issues that will have a direct bearing on health and safety of the occupants, their wellbeing, as well as environmental issues such as energy performance and sanitation.

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French House buyers guide to fosse septiques (septic tanks)

Saturday, 03 February 2018 Jon Boella
french fosse

We hope this little guide will give you a basic understanding on the fosse septic rules and why it is relevant when buying a French property.

“Fosse septique” translated to English means septic tank. In its simplest form this is the tank that collects waste from toilets, sinks, baths, kitchens etc. In practice it is a little more than just a tank and the term “fosse septique” is often used to cover the complete system which includes tanks, pipes, filter beds etc.  In this article the term fosse will refer to the complete system.

The Regulations

If you’re planning on buying a house in a town or a village then there is a good chance the property will be connected to mains drainage or will have a mains drains connection in the vicinity in which case a fosse won’t be necessary.

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A promising outlook for 2018

Saturday, 06 January 2018 Jon Boella
picture of perigord property website

So this is our first blog post of 2018. I hope you all had a good Christmas and end to 2017!

So our latest news

Our new Website
As I expect many of you will have noticed our new website is now up and running and we’ve already had some great feedback from existing and new clients alike.  The site is now mobile friendly which is great news. Last year it was touch and go whether our clients were able to view our listings when on some mobile devices which was often the case for our on-the-move French house hunters. So now we can send out listings and property details wherever you may be and whatever device you are using.

We intend to add more features to the site later in the year and are working closely with our award winning web designers at Studio le Brame to develop these.

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Vide Greniers, Brocantes, Trocs....

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 Juliet Boella

How exciting – you have moved or are planning to move to France. The dilemma now is, do you ‘make do’ with your existing furniture which doesn’t ‘go’ in your new house, maybe you haven’t enough furniture, or even do you want to bring furniture all the way from the UK?

Help is at hand and it can also be fun! All over France there are shops well worth looking at before spending a fortune in expensive shops in the Périgord/Dordogne region namely:

·         Troc or Dépôt-Vente, and

·         Halle d’occasion

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Beginner’s’ guide to local wine

Sunday, 10 July 2016 Mike Boella
There are two products that are clear winners when it comes to price comparisons between the UK and France. Firstly, property to which this whole website is dedicated, so no more need be said, and secondly, wine.

The South West region of France, including of course Bordeaux, is world famous for its wine

so we thought we’d include a little beginner’s guide to help you on your way.

 The South West produces a vast range of different wines using a whole variety of grapes and methods including red, white and rosé.

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Importing your UK regsitered vehicle

Thursday, 14 April 2016 Jon Boella

Many people who move to France on a permanent basis will choose to bring their UK registered car with them and once over here it could prove tricky to sell a right hand drive car at a sensible price. Very often the owners of UK vehicles choose to keep their car running as long as economically possible.

Whilst it's fine to drive your UK registered car in France for a short period if you intend to make France your full time home or even plan to spend long periods here then you should register your vehicle with the French authorities. Six months is generally seen in the eyes of the law as the maximum time you can spend in the country before you must re register. The process can often seem a daunting one but if you prepare the paper work in advance then it should be fairly straight forward. Bear in mind everything in rural France has a tendency to happen at slower pace so prepare in advance!

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Time to take the leap!

Wednesday, 08 July 2015 Jon Boella

Every week we are asked if we think this is the right time to buy a property in France and for 2015 the answer is a resounding YES.

Well we would say that wouldn’t we? So without going too CSI let’s look at the evidence.

The Notaries de France, party to every property transaction in France, have published their 2014 property market review. Largely agreeing with the earlier review from the FNAIM, the Association of French Estate Agents, the general finding was that average houses prices have now fallen for three successive years and in many departments prices are cheaper now than they were in 2006.

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Learning French through working in the Dordogne

Tuesday, 07 April 2015 Jemma Simkins

In order to start a business in France, you must first register with the relevant organisation. For craft businesses, such as building, hairdressing, cake making etc, it is the Chambre De Metiers. For buying and selling items, it is the Chambre De Commerce.

This website will put you in touch with the relevant Chambre once you have entered which activity you will be carrying out http://www.lautoentrepreneur.fr/

You can register online through this site for free or if you prefer you can visit their offices where a member of staff will complete your registration for you but at a cost of 85 euros (price as at May 2015).

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